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What we do

About Us

Our Purpose

TJC is a UK-based professional services business. Our founding purpose is to provide clients with a significant advantage when they tackle their toughest challenges. We differentiate ourselves because we don't only advise, we operate. This means the solutions we develop with our customers have provable value and a lasting impact. 

We have conceived, inspired, designed, built and then led overall operation of some of the most imaginative new services at the centre of government. We energise teams and have a bias for action. Some of the UK's most senior public service leaders from policing, health and central government have described our work as unique, essential and even remarkable. In all of this we remain discreet, embrace confidentiality and aspire to be invisible. The result of our work must always speak for itself. 

Our Values

TJC is synonymous with innovation: the rapid translation of powerful ideas to practical solutions which deliver results. We do this by putting our three business values at the heart of everything we do: our unrelenting focus on achieving business impact; our pride in the reputation of our clients and of our work; and, above all, a fundamental awareness that to understand problems, build workable solutions and achieve results, we must begin with people. People are everything. 

What we have done

What we have done

We are proud to have driven innovations which made important and broad contributions to the UK's Covid pandemic response; ending violence against women and girls; combatting modern slavery and human-trafficking and using data and artificial intelligence to improve healthcare outcomes. 

We're at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation for UK policing and intelligence. Recent innovation priorities included developing AI/ML capabilities to support maritime security, developing models for real-time surveillance video analysis and AI to support illegal image categorisation. 

Our experts were instrumental in the development of the UK's investigatory powers regime: our specialists closely supported difficult policy, drafting and passage of legislation; led engineering and technology in the national implementation programme; and compliance in operational organisations. Our people have advised other nations on similar legislation and technical implementation. 

The result of our work must always speak for itself. 

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