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Our People.

Our people have deep operational and leadership experience in some of the most challenging government, security and law enforcement domains in the UK and in countries around the world. Our track record is built on our professional competencies in science, engineering, humanities, technology and business. 

We spend time with businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals, academics from world-wide institutions, thought-leading public servants and not-for-profit advocacy organisations. We convene from our diverse network to offer the most relevant, contemporary and affordable solutions to our clients. 

TJC was founded in 2009 by Tobias Jones, a former UK senior government official with a reputation for succeeding differently. 

Toby J.jpeg

Toby J

Paul M.jpeg

Paul M

Jason B.jpeg

Jason B

Sam G.jpeg

Sam G


Hannah B

Steve W.jpeg

Steve W

Camilla D.jpg

Camilla D

MC P.jpg


Ana C.jpg

Ana C

Sara J.jpg

Sara J

Vron S.jpeg

Veronica S

Geoff B.jpeg

Geoff B

Alex K.jpeg

Alexandra K

Tilly G.jpg

Tilly G

Aoife PK.jpg

Aoife P K

Amy C.jpg

Amy C

Martin H.jpeg

Martin H

Jen W.jpeg

Jen W

Kyle S.jpg

Kyle S

Sophie H.jpeg

Sophie H

Hugh G.jpeg

Hugh G

Frank D.png

Frank D

Megan M.jpg

Megan M

Luke T.jpg

Luke T

Simon C.jpeg

Simon C

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