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Who are we? 


RNA is our recently established enterprise, brought about by a shared passion for transforming individual potential into capability. 


RNA’s experiential L&D approach was formed because we know that change can only be effected by equipping individuals with both the knowledge and the tools to transform themselves. Scientists have known this for decades – telling people that smoking kills makes them bury their head in the sand, telling people that smoking kills and providing them with the practical tools to stop smoking is what causes actual change. Integration of the why and the how causes a reaction; people respond. This combination is key to tapping into raw potential and converting that into actual capability. 

What is it? 


It’s practical neuroscience and applied psychology. 

We provide a unique experiential learning programme which quite literally brings the science to life.  Our world-leading neuroscientist with over a decade’s worth of experience working with companies outlines the evidence-based knowledge – giving those in the room the confidence and motivation to follow the experiential programme. This experiential programme is led by unique, highly-skilled practitioners. The kind of people that make everyone sit up and take notice of them. Their skill and experience speaks for itself, their ability to teach those skills is something we ensure. Through meaningful exercises, not meaningless role-plays, our programmes result in lasting shifts of mindset and behaviour.  It is these shifts that create monumental impact; unleashing hidden potential, and results in unprecedented advantage for individuals, teams and organisations. 


How to work with us 


Speak to us about the outcomes you want to achieve and we will construct a bespoke programme, tailored specifically to your needs.   

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